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Ralph O'Neil Taylor, 1849-????

 On November 1, 1875, a report of a missionary meeting in Port Antonio on October 26 appeared in the Jamaica Church Chronicle

Great interest was manifested when the Rev. Mr. Taylor, a black gentleman from Africa and native of that place, who was lately ordained Deacon by the Bishop, rose up to speak. He gave the audience interesting accounts of mission work in Africa and other places. The people were highly amused when he spoke in the African tongue. He sang sweetly in it, and repeated some prayers, &c. He was brought up in St. Augustine College in Canterbury, where he graduated as "Licentiate of Arts.’’ We trust that he will succeed in Jamaica, and will act as a stimulus to the black inhabitants to educate their children. We are glad to add that he is quite a gentleman in his manners as well as a scholar. 
Jamaica Church Chronicle, January 11, 1875, p 82

Bishop Courtenay ordained Taylor as a deacon on October 10, 1875, and later ordained him to the priesthood on April 8, 1877.

                                                                                                               Daily Gleaner, April 7, 1877