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Charles Christopher Douce, 1840s?-1911

Jamaica Post, April 18, 1893

St Andrew Parish Church: The sermon on Sunday morning at the St Andrew Parish Church was preached by the Right Revd. Enos Nuttall, D.D., Bishop of Jamaica, and the lessons were read at both the morning and evening services by the Rev C.C. Douse [sic], Rector of Manchioneal. Mr. Douse is a black gentleman of education and culture, and his impressive reading of the beautiful service of the Church of England was much admired by the Congregation.

[Note: The spellings Douce and Douse are often used interchangeably]

'Whether from motives of economy or necessity or with the motive of reaching the largest number, the Archbishop [Nuttall] has accepted into the priesthood the services of the black as well as the coloured native (more than half the priesthood is now black or coloured), and in the country church the congregation as a result is wholly black, the white planter and his family being never seen within its walls at any service. In many cases there is no white planter to come. But in any event I must make at least one exception to the rule, and that in the case of the Rev. Mr. Douce, now of Mooretown but formerly of Manchioneal.

Mr. Douce has enlisted the esteem of the white without forfeiting the confidence of the black, and his admitted success is one of the facts with which we have to reckon. As a clergyman candidly but rather cynically said to me, "One of the saddest facts I know is that Douce has not turned out a failure. His success is indisputable." '

The Cruise of the Port Kingston, W. Ralph Hall Caine, 1907 pp104-5